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Brontosaurus and T-Rex Earrings

Cute earrings from Japan designed to look like realistic dinosaurs. Creative Brontosaurus and T-Rex earrings fit for your Halloween. [Buy]

Cat-shaped Bags

Creative bags created by Japanese designer Pico seem like real cats. These cute bags are put at auction on Yahoo Auction with prices up to $850. Eye-catching animal bags with 3D shape.

Owl Lamp

Beautiful lamp designed by Matteo Ugolini for the brand Karman which is specialized in interior lighting looks like owl. The structure was made in white ceramic and the two big eyes of the bird enlighten in the dark.

Matteo Ugolini Owl Lamp

Matteo Ugolini Owl Lamp

Matteo Ugolini Owl Lamp

Matteo Ugolini Owl Lamp

Fish with Wheels Aquarium

Motor-driven aquarium in four wheels is controlled from the movement of the fish. Fish with Wheels aquarium created by Studio Diip from the Netherlands. Your goldfish can explore the globe and swim in different direction.

Birds With Hairstyles

Wonderful series by talented photographer Rene Mesman and Souverein. Gorgeous portraits of owls, crows, and also other wild birds with fashionable hairstyles.

Insect Micro Photography

Impressive insects photographed by scientist David Phillips unveils the anatomical structures of different insects. His knowledge and mastering microscopes able to gather such beautiful insect anatomi that invisible to human eyes. You can get all in a book called Art and Architecture of insects.

Colossal Wildlife Photography

Wonderful photos of wild animals troop in the same species, like zebra, bees or fish. Colossal wildlife were photographed at the nature park provides incredible beauty images, playing with colors and shapes, offering natural pattern.