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Chocolate Sneaker

Edible edition of Nike Air Max 90 sneaker created from delicious chocolate. Limited edition chocolate sneaker produced by Milan Miladinov for that 25th anniversary connected with Nike Air Max 90. Detailed replica seems like a real sneaker.

Goldfish in your Tea Cup

Goldfish tea bag is a clever tea packaging from Taiwan. Crafted beautifully by Charm Villa. Little fish will swim in your tea cup.

Anatomy Cake

Frightening cake using realistic bones and organs is ideal for Halloween. Anatomy cake created by Annabel de Vetten, creator in the Dexter cake.

Acacia Honey Spoon

Beautiful stainless steel utensil made by Italian designer Miriam Mirri featuring an elegant design, perfect for spreading and pouring honey. Acacia honey spoon have hexagonal shapes of a honeycomb form.

Skull Egg Molds

Creative molds designed to look like a skull will help you cook delicious eggs. Meals prepared using skull shaped molds are perfect for Halloween. Eye-catching eggs cooked with just a little something extra will be great addition to any kitchen.

Virus and Cactus Popsicles

Frozen virus and cactus popsicles designed by Bold Or Italic Studio, founded by designer Wei Li. Ice cream shapes and colors comment on possible of licking a cactus or a virus such as HIV and staphylocoques.

Complex 3D Sugar Sculptures

Beautiful and complex sculptures designed and 3D printed by The Sugar Lab. Three-dimensional sugar cubes and edible objects feature unexpected geometric shapes and colors. 3D printing technology will soon allow chefs to quickly and easily prepare creative meals of all shapes and sizes.