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Beautiful Ballerina Duvet Cover

High resolution photos of beautiful tutu and tiara are printed on the duvet cover and the pillowcase. Ballerina bed sheets made out of soft cotton.

Beautiful Ballerina Duvet Cover

Beautiful Ballerina Duvet Cover

Beautiful Ballerina Duvet Cover

Brontosaurus and T-Rex Earrings

Cute earrings from Japan designed to look like realistic dinosaurs. Creative Brontosaurus and T-Rex earrings fit for your Halloween. [Buy]

Halloween Paper Masks

Creative masks designed by Steve Wintercroft look like geometric animals such as deers, dogs, bats and cats, but also demons, devils, dragons or skulls. Geometric paper masks make great Halloween costumes.

Cat-shaped Bags

Creative bags created by Japanese designer Pico seem like real cats. These cute bags are put at auction on Yahoo Auction with prices up to $850. Eye-catching animal bags with 3D shape.

Maps Jewelry

Beautiful and stylish jewelry inspired by the maps of cities around the world. Creative necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made by Talia Sari. Shout your love for your favorite city with subtlety and sophistication.