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Vespa Chairs

Vintage chair designed by Spanish studio Bel & Bel made with front 1980s vintage scooters. Vespa scooter takes you places, anyone can bring these home together with you.

Plant Lamp

Creative indoor grow plant lamp designed by We Love Eames. The pendant style lamp fixture maintains plant health with little care and long-lasting, low energy LED lights.

UFO Abduction Milk

Unique milk bottle designed by Imedia Creative Bureau look like cows are abducted by UFOs. The new logo in Molocow milk packaging tends to be well received in the supermarket shelves in the US.

Brontosaurus and T-Rex Earrings

Cute earrings from Japan designed to look like realistic dinosaurs. Creative Brontosaurus and T-Rex earrings fit for your Halloween. [Buy]

Maps Jewelry

Beautiful and stylish jewelry inspired by the maps of cities around the world. Creative necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made by Talia Sari. Shout your love for your favorite city with subtlety and sophistication.

Dollhouse Built Into Guitar

Miniature of creative dollhouse built into guitar created by Lorraine Robinson for her daughter Cathryn. Portable scenes carves and crafted on recycled acoustic guitar.

Skull and Animal Candles

Creative candles designed by Korean studio Sculpy, founded by Choi Wonseok look like skulls and animals. The hand-crafted paraffin candles has already completed its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.